Run to Remember ….Having Covid…Half Marathon Training

Memorial Day. This weekend we honor our national heroes and express gratitude.  We all need to slow down and give thanks for what we have. 

Today, I participated in the Boston Run to Remember with my daughter Carrie. This race consisted of a half marathon or a 5 miler, that pays tribute to fallen responders. We both ran 5 miles. The race began and ended at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  

Prior to this race, I spent the last 12 days recovering from Covid.  I am very fortunate that my symptoms were just an annoying crummy cold, a slight backache that felt like I’ve done too many deadlifts at the gym and general body fatigue. During that time, I forced myself to be patient with my body’s healing process.  I did not jump back into exercise.  I let my body’s white blood cells do their job ….  To sum it up …I sat on the couch and did nothing. 


Early this morning, Carrie and I took the blue line to the aquarium T stop and then we walked a mile to the start line. The race started bright and early 7:00am. It was a bit hot, but manageable. 

   The national anthem was played, then a few honoree words were spoken and then we were off. 

The race took us towards Faneuil Hall, around the Financial District, and then we headed back to the Seaport District to the finish line. Of course, Carrie was so much faster than me. She left her mom in the dust!

 It was a very patriotic race.  I enjoyed participating in this race with my 27-year-old daughter.  It was also very nice to see all the police, fire and responders all onsite. 

Overall, this was an awesome race, well organized, and a nice course through Boston.

The medals were also quite nice.

More running stuff…Sunday May 8th was the start of Half Marathon Training. I will be running the Vermont Maple Leaf Half Marathon this fall with my daughter Carrie who is 25 years younger than me! I feel a mixture of many emotions ranging from scared to excited. 

  My goal …. I am going to train hard and try to run the fastest Half Marathon, I am capable of. Increase lung capacity over time 

 Completion Time Goal 3:00 hrs-3:15 hour

Training WEEK  1 for Maple Leaf Half ……. May 8th– 14th

Sunday …. Mother’s Day 9 miles…

Monday Barbell Strength + 30-minute run 

Wednesday 30-minute run 

Friday Barbell strength class

WEEK 2 …. May 15th……May 21st  

Sunday   55-minute run 

Monday …Barbell class

Tuesday 45-minute run ……this was a hard run.  ……. now I know why.   I came down with covid.  

WEEK 3 rest covid recovery

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