I DID IT! I am Dopey. 48.6 miles around Disney 4 parks…Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

I crossed the finish line.  Smiling from ear to ear. Happy tears.  I collected all my medals, then I made my way to the Disney buses that would take me back to Old Key West.  

Climbing those 3 steps to board the Disney bus was hard after completing 26.2 miles!    After a ten-minute ride, I was back at the resort.

First stop off the bus …Hugging spouse…

Second stop ……nap.

 I finished my second Dopey Challenge.

These Dopey Challenges are a mark of time for me.  A lot of good has happened since the last Dopey Challenge 2020.  

I am now age 52.  I am in great health and married so far for 27 years. I am now a grandmother (Bubbie Yiddish) to a granddaughter named Sarah. Sarah is already 18 months and will be 2 in May of 2022.  My oldest daughter Carrie and John are the proud parents.

My youngest daughter graduated college in May 2021 and now has her own apartment.

Husband is doing well and moved his business to a bigger location.

It was an excellent race and the best is still yet to come

Official time 7:04:00

I am pleased with the results.

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