Looking forward to the Marathon

  It’s been two years in the making …. Tomorrow is the Disney Marathon.  I am so excited!   The Challenge is almost done.   Wish me luck!

 Thursday 5k done.

 Friday 10k done.

 Saturday Half Marathon done. 

I had a good race.   I ran this race very slowly to conserve my energy for the marathon. Runners started the race outside of Epcot, then we headed up to Magic Kingdom, around all the attractions, and back to Epcot for the finish.

So far, all my races were a success.

I have been feeling good.

No allergies, no asthma issues, no hay fever, no headaches, no dehydration, no stomach issues, no overly sore feet or legs, no electrolyte issues, no fatigue issues……

So, tomorrow my body and brain will hopefully know what to do……  Disney Marathon here I come.

I am so thankful to be able to enjoy the excitement and camaraderie again among the runners. Big races are so special.  Thousands of runners shared one goal …… to finish.

Let’s do it!

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