Running Blog June 20-27

Last week I took my first Zumba class   I had a lot of fun, even though I have no rhythm, and danced like a stiff. My youngest daughter and husband joined me. I also took a barbell class last week.

I have 3 races that I have signed up for this fall.

Run to Remember

Run to Home Base

10k for Women

   This past week was a bit hectic. We had a lot of projects happening around the home.

One job was preparing for my daughter’s college graduation party; it worked out well.  Everyone had a great time.

. We also just wrapped up a big landscaping project in our back yard. Our yard was looking like a mud pit from the dogs, so we added astroturf to beautify our yard.

 And finally, we had a new faucet put in the upstairs bathroom.

And for laughs . Running pictures from 6/20


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