Florida Vacation and back to Massachusetts




Hello, After the Disney 10k and half marathon last weekend, my spouse and oldest daughter enjoyed some time in Boca Raton. We spent most of our time sitting by the pool and pampering ourselves.    During our stay, I scheduled a facial and manicure/pedicure treatments, that I truly enjoyed.


It  was  very hot and humid in Boca Raton, so I decided to take a break from running.   It was a good idea because I was able to rest my body a bit, so I can be more prepared to increase my long run mileage past 13 miles. In about 7 week, I will be running the Disney Marathon.

On November 11, we flew back home to MA.  It is nice to enjoy the fall crisp weather.

This week Nov 13 -19

Monday long run 16 miles

Tuesday 8 miles

Wednesday rest

Thursday 3 miles

Friday rest