Today my daughter and I participated in The Boston Athletic Association 10k race. This is my fourth time running this race. I like to go back year after year because the race is local, lots of fun and well organized. 

The race began at 8.00 am at the Boston Common.  It is an out and back course through Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and extends to Boston University.  Most of the course is flat, with a good portion of the race on Commonwealth Avenue. 

Mother Nature was not cooperating today, it was very hot with high humidity. Prior to this race, emails were sent out from the B.A.A. warning runners about the heat.

I had no specific goals for this race. My plan was to do Galloway run/walk intervals but add more frequent walk breaks to finish in an upright position without heat exhaustion.  I remember from previous races Galloway Quoting “In extreme heat walking tends not to cause a dangerous body temperature increase, yet it still delivers the same level of endurance based on your distance”.

Miles 1-4 went well for me.  I found a good run/walk pace and stuck with it.  

Mile 5-6 …The body said …. No more running ……. You’re walking.

Finish … I ran the last 100 yards and then I was done!  

Overall, I had a nice safe 10k and enough energy to be able to smile and pose at the professional photographers along the course.

After the race, I chugged down some Gatorade, water and Coca Cola.  I like Coca Cola because I am prone to runner migraines and soda helps prevent them. 

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