Happy Passover /Easter.   Boston Athletic Association 5k (running on Matzah Ball Soup Fuel) 

My blog is back…… Springtime is the start of running season for me. 

I always take a few months off from running in the winter to avoid burnout…

Springtime is also the time I celebrate Passover.  Passover is a renewal of spirit and life.   New Beginnings.

My husband and I had a wonderful Passover Seder. It was nice to celebrate with family.  Lots of good eating.  Plenty of enjoyment reading the Haggadah. One of my favorite Jewish Holidays. 


Today, I ran the Boston Athletic Association 5k with my two children.  

The race started and ended at the Public Garden/Boston Garden.

  My daughters and I arrived in Boston around 7:15 am. We walked around enjoying the festive atmosphere and then it was time to line up in our designated corrals. There were tons of people running the 5k, approximately 10,000 runners.  Since, I was in the last corral, it took some time for me to cross the starting line.   Thirty minutes later, it was my turn to run. 

   Runners headed out on Arlington Street, down Commonwealth Ave, up Boylston Avenue and then a left on Charles Street to the finish line.  The best part of this race was the last mile, because we run along the Boston Marathon route, and we run over the finish line. I always enjoy running across the finish line of a Marathon, even if I’m not running it. 

 I had a great morning. It was fun spending time with my kids. 

Tomorrow is Easter.  Since I do not celebrate Easter, my plan is to have a quiet day watching the movie Ten Commandments on tv. 

Once again, 

Happy Passover

Happy Easter

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