Howdy, I am getting back to blogging more. I am so glad Covid is basically over. I love not wearing a mask.

Races are now starting to be live!  Yeah!

This past month, I have been participating in many group classes at Life Time Fitness and doing a little bit of running to maintain my fitness level.

I am very pleased to report, my favorite races are coming back.

 On September 25th, I will be participating in a race called Run to Home Base. This will be my second year running it.

On November 14th, I will be running the race Run to Remember. This will be my third year running it.

Both races, honor the service and sacrifice of our arm forces.

Here is what I have been up to with my fitness in the past month.

…Barbell classes

.. A Kettle Bell Kombine class…I hated it. Spouse dragged me to the class.  I like working with dumbbells not a Kettle Bell!

…Strictly Strength Classes

 …And a little bit of running …about five miles a week. 

Besides fitness……………….

We are enjoying family fun times.  Our family has celebrated our granddaughter first birthday, oldest daughter birthday, Mother’s Day, College Graduation, my 52nd birthday, 27th wedding anniversary and so much more fun stuff.

We also will be cleaning up our backyard in the next few days.  As of now, it looks like a mud pit caused by our 4 wonderful ……4-legged big dog creatures.  We also have some areas in our yard where our grass will not grow.

We are getting some Astro turf for our yard to clean it up.  I am looking forward to a nice yard.

Looking forward to starting my blog up again….

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