Time to stop whining, bitching, and moaning and get back to my exercise program.

Here I am in quarantine, thinking I have to be locked up, feeling sorry for myself while sitting on the couch doing nothing, but this week, I took action with my family to mimic my usual work out plans and do one of our own.

Prior to going outside and getting fresh air, we all started getting antsy and crazy with each other.  My husband I were bickering about absolutely nothing. We were nervous about the situation in our country and the chaos. I am  also missing my routine, gym, eating out and just being social.

Then, magically, we discovered the outdoors and workout videos.  I also discovered I STILL have a home gym in my basement!!!  Yup, stress makes me forget things. And to my amazement, I STILL have a treadmill and other gym equipment just waiting to be used down in the basement.

I am also very glad for the running community and their friendship. They motivated me to get out the door and run. So, this week, I ran 16 miles and also did a home workout video. (Body Pump) I am looking forward to September when I run the marathon with Team Liver Foundation.

And I am happy again,




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