Dopey Training going well!

I love Autumn!  Best time for running.

I am gradually increasing my mileage and my body is responding well!  I am so proud of myself.

My running training program has been very successful.  I follow the Jeff Galloway Program.

Monday 7 miles……Rebook Women 10k Boston   + 1 mile in the evening

Tuesday 17 miles! (SEVENTEEN)………My long run was done on the trails of Marblehead and Salem.  I kept it a nice and easy pace.   My mile splits were consistent all 17 miles.  My feet were sore but my energy was good due to good fueling.  I had two performance energy wafer bars and a combination of water/ Gatorade throughout the run

Wednesday 3 miles

Sunday   3 miles

Beautiful Fall

IMG_0663IMG_0657IMG_0669IMG_0670IMG_0647 (1)IMG_0666IMG_0625 (1)IMG_0706


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