May you be sealed in the book of life (Yom Kippur) Running Blog ……


Last week, I ran a long run of 15 miles, 5.5 miles, 5k and 3 miles before Yom Kippur.  I am training for the Dopey Challenge in January.       The Disney’s Dopey Challenge is a race series that consists of four events: a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon on four consecutive morning culminating in 48.6 miles.  I am following the Galloway training program.

My endurance is improving and my body is getting used to the increased miles.  Overall, I feel good.

I need to focus on nutrition more.  I love eating; however, I need to add more protein to my diet and iron.  My doctor said my iron is a bit low.  (Females athletes who are perimenopause are at higher risk for iron deficiency due to menstruation.  So , I will pig out more on steak, burgers and peanut butter.


Monday, I rested to prepare for the holiest day of the Year, Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur is a day of atonement.

Should I be writing a blog post a day before Yom Kippur?   It is the most somber day of the Jewish year.

This Yom Kippur, I wonder, if my decease loved ones are extremely proud of the woman that I am becoming.  Especially, the Grandparents, Great Aunts, Great Uncles and other members of my family that have passed.

Below are the questions, I would ask them.

Are you proud of my running?   I have run 16 Boston Marathons on behalf of the Liver Foundation. Running has been good for my heart.  Physically, I have good cardiac heart health. Mentally, I am a happier, confident, joyful woman.

Are you proud of me for being an excellent wife, and mom?

Are you aware of the two nice young adults my kids have grown into?

Are you proud that I am living a full life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?


So, this Yom Kippur, I am blessed and grateful that my family is thriving,

I am honored to be surrounded by people that care for me as much as I care for them.  I am thankful, they are in my life and able to “do life together”.

What will next year bring?

g’mar chatima tovah “a good final sealing.” In the book of life



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