Love This Picture

797919_273225666_XLarge (1)I love this picture because it reminds me how far I come as a women . Running a marathon is a very emotional experience.  This year, I was not able to finish because of Mother Nature. Yet,  I am still very pleased with my effort.
Growing up I struggled with my confidence .  I was a special needs student and rode the “Short Bus” in my formative years. I was never a good student and repeated grade 2. I had trouble meeting friends and I was socially awkward and never belong to any peer group. I was not smart or popular.
My early challenges have given me the courage, spirit and enthusiasm to never give up. I have come along ways…I am truly a blessed runner, women, mother and wife. I am very pleased to be part of a wonderful loving caring supportive American Liver Foundation Running team.  I have met so many wonderful friends on this team . Love you all.
 To my spouse… Thank you for being so supportive.  Sorry ,that I kept you up half the night with my dry asthma cough.  If I run in the cold again,   I  promise to wear an eskimo running suit.  Even though , my asthma flared up after the race… was worth attempting to conquer Boston.  No rain, wind,   sleet was going to stop me from trying.

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