Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.

Today I completed 13 miles   ,,,,The full marathon would have been too much for me to handle.  ………..

It was very  rainy, cold, windy day. .My  worst running asthma nightmare.     Breathing in cold air : …..(  yuck  ….always makes me feel winded.


On the positive side, I am still a Bad-ass!

  1.  I was running to bring awareness to Liver Disease.  Great Cause!  

      2. Just getting out there and trying is worth a major  congratulations ….pat on the back. 

3  I was running to strengthen my lungs and overall health

4  I    am going to participate in  more races above 60 degrees…. SUMMER RUNNING!

5   I am still going to wear my celebration Marathon jacket …

6 I have  the courage, spirit and enthusiasm to never give up!     I have come a long way…… I am truly a blessed  runner and women!

6 Tomorrow I am going to Florida for a week

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