First 5k of the Season


Today, I ran my first 5k of the season.  It was the New England Pediatric Care 5k .  It was a good run. Now that marathon season is over,  I want to focus on improving my 5k time.     When September arrives, I want to see the 5k finish line….under 36 minutes. By late fall,  I want to see improvements with longer distances.

So, this summer, I am going to work on teaching my body to run faster and not feel like I am going to croak as I increase my speed.  This has been my biggest running hurdle.  I am afraid to run fast.   In addition, I want to increase the length of time I can run without a walk break.    Hopefully by the fall, I can have a stronger running base, tougher lungs and be a quicker runner.

Practice and have patience.


I had a nice run. The weather was low 50’s and overcast.  During the run, I took a few  quick walk breaks  to allow my  body to be comfortable.   In the future….less walk breaks.

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Last week I was in Florida for a vacation.

After the Boston Marathon, my husband and I visited our winter home in South Boca Raton Florida to unwind.   Being in a warmer climate was ideal,  because  I really  needed the warmth to recover from the  Boston Cold  Rainy  freezing  13 mile run.   After the  run,  I had a dry  annoying cough that lasted a few days.

Our whole vacation was literally spent just sitting.  Every day, we either sat by a pool, television set, plus a dining table to eat.