L’Shana Tova.. Happy New Year…

My morning began with a nice therapeutic 3- mile run. I love those quiet runs. Just me and the road. I ran at an easy slow pace. As I ran, I was spiritually preparing for the holiday.  My Opinion….

Life is not flawless. It is about the tough times, the disputes, that make the coming together a blessing.   Life is short, so don’t waste it being angry or frustrated.  Be happy and enjoy the time with your love one’s.  Pick up the phone, forgive.

 This holiday, I am very thankful for my spouse, family, friends, health and all the good that I experience this past year. There is a new year of empty pages from the book of my life waiting to be well filled. I will welcome the joy, celebrations, life challenges, lessons, mishaps and special moments that will happen between 2021 -2022. May we all have a good sealing in the book of life. Have a wonderful, meaningful, sweet Rosh Hashanah.


My running plan for this week is few 3-mile runs.  This week is a low milage rest week, and next week I hope to built up to 13 miles. Ultimately, I want to be ready for my next big race, the Dopey Challenge which is held in Disney World. (48.6 miles in 4 consecutive days— 3 .1, 6.2, 13.1 and 26.2) Stay tune as I train. January 6-9 of 2022 Is Dopey.

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