Hello …Blog post

Hello. My running blog is back.  It been a good 3 months and I am glad to be back.  I missed my blog.

  Last October, I honestly struggled being on any type of social media, mostly Facebook due to the crazy past political season. My brain could not handle the constant negativity, and toxicity, so I had to limit myself from all of it. 

   The coronavirus has taken a toll on my running motivation; however, I am still exercising. 

During the winter months, I have been exercising at Life Time Fitness.

  I have been strength training with dumbbell classes, swimming and recently I have been attending   step aerobics classes, and strictly strength classes.  I love my gym and feel they do a superb job implementing extensive safety measures and cleaning protocols in accordance with government guidelines. I feel very comfortable there. My gym is very large, which allows us and the gym to easily obey the require social distance laws.

Other than exercise:

 My mental and physical health has been good during the pandemic. 

I had a great Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s. With the limitations place on us, my husband and I still made the holidays feel special.   Our house was always filled with festive decorations; and I enjoyed celebrating the holidays with just our closest family.  

 I have four Labrador retrievers, that provide me an outlet for fun and play.  My dogs love to play fetch, hide and seek and chase.   If my dogs don’t get enough exercise, they start acting crazy from boredom. My dogs force me to move.

Lastly, I have been binge watching tv shows. 

 I am looking forward to fall  running races …

and blogging more about my races..

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