21 mile run  and 9 weeks till Boston Marathon

9 weeks until the Boston Marathon.  This came in the mail….

IMG_2710 (1)

Last weekend I ran 21 miles as part of my Galloway Boston Marathon training Program.  By running longer, I am increasing my endurance and performance for race day.  In order to prevent the physical soreness of 21 miles, I walked and ran very slowly.   Turtle pace.  My assignment for this run was just cover the distance.  No huff and puffing.  Pure exhaustion was not allowed.

Prior to the run, I had a carbo-load dinner and then it was run time the next morning. I had plenty of snacks and drinks and just tried to enjoy myself. I sang along to Country music, and Broadway tunes just to make sure I wasn’t pushing too hard. I also broke the mileage into 4 segments of 5 miles.  After each segment, I would stretch, grab a snack and just chill a minute or two.


And then I was done.

and I was not found lying on the ground pass out.


I also been swimming to build up my strength.

IMG_2713IMG_2726 (2)

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