My very first introduction to the Triathlon Sport …Swim, Bike, Run( Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri)


Today, I completed my first indoor triathlon!   This event was the perfect introduction to the triathlon sport.  Participants swam in a pool, biked on a stationary bike, and then ran on a treadmill to complete the triathlon. The race was held at Life Time Fitness in Massachusetts.

  • The total event last for 75 minutes.
  • Swim: 10 minutes in the pool
  • Transition 1: 10-minutes (move from the pool to cycle studio)
  • Bike: 30 minutes on an indoor bike
  • Transition 2: 5-minutes (move from the cycle studio to treadmills)
  • Run: 20 minutes on a treadmill

Swimming….I love to swim but I am slow at it.  The crawl has always been my worst swim stroke, so I decided to focus on the backstroke,  side stroke, and I did a bit of the breaststroke.  Nice and easy and relaxed.

Biking …I  am not a biker…..  I just pedaled gently .

Running…. easy relaxing jog

I had a fantastic time and I really enjoyed the experience.  The atmosphere was laid back and very supportive.  Excellent cross training .

I would definitely do this event next year.   For beginners, this was an awesome way to experience a triathlon.  Plus, it was fun to do something new besides running . I am proud of myself.

My weakest area ………I need to   work on strengthening  my lung capacity

img_2697 (1)img_2689 (1)img_2695img_2692img_2687

img_2685img_2688 (2)img_2696img_2694

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