Greetings Florida Running, Week 2 Boston Marathon training, Happy Chanukah

IMG_2423IMG_2422I am back in Florida at our town house.   I feel like I am in the process of becoming more of a snow bird. I hate Massachusetts in the winter.  I am very fortunate and thankful to be able to travel to Florida frequently.

When I am in Florida, I enjoy the scenery; palm trees, ponds, parks, beaches and I love the warmth. Put me out in the sun and I am happy.

I am using Jeff Galloway as a e coach. ( Galloway  is an American Olympian and the author of Galloway’s Book on Running)

I have been using him for several months.  He has been encouraging me, to be the best athlete , I can be.  I like having accountability  .  I need the  kick  in the behind  to get  me moving .

When it comes to running, I train much better in a warmer climate.  I never enjoyed running with 20 layers on, when December arrives in Massachusetts or settling for a treadmill.

Monday…… Long run 12 miles

Thursday … 2.5 miles  running   +   35 minutes swimming

Friday…..    35 minutes swimming

Saturday  ….      4 mile  repeats  running  +  30 minutes  swimming

I have been working hard in the past 3 1/2 months  building a stronger endurance base.   Now I am  working on gaining speed  ( mile repeats ) and  more endurance.   I’m not so good at running fast , but I’m working on it!



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