Spring is here and my running season has begun.

   I hope you all had a Happy Passover and 

Happy Easter.

I had a wonderful time hosting a Passover seder. It was nice to celebrate with family and friends. It was a big gathering. We had 25 guests in our home.    I love hosting big celebrations because I love to cook delicious foods, home cooking is good for the soul and lastly, I love praise. 

Spring is here and my running season has begun. Today I ran the B.A.A. 5k. 

The Boston Athletic Association 5k is always a fun race and I am happy I ran it again. The weather was in the 50; s not too bad for running.

The race started and ended at the Boston Common.  It is a flat course that ran through the streets of Boston. It was a nice course and the last mile of the 5k is the same famous path as the Boston Marathon finishing stretch.  

I also love the bling; I earned after the race. I also received a nice tech shirt and lots of food in a goodie bag at the finish. 

 Updates on my Dopey Challenge Recovery

It had 4 good races, and I was very pleased with my results.   I ran a good marathon.  I had a blast running 48.6 miles. I was very prepared going into the races.

My recovery was a bit rocky. Details to follow. 

My tired muscles healed very quickly, and I am sure that being relatively active helped my recovery. Nothing hurt. I also spent a lot of time after the race relaxing on my couch and catching up on reruns on the tv. I also got plenty of sleep and ate well. 

The bad part about my recovery is I caught a Common Cold that lasted for 3 weeks. I probably picked up the germ on the plane or while waiting in the running staging corral, during the race, or perhaps a combination of all scenarios. But with rest, I was back to my normal active self by February. 

 I chalk the cold up to bad luck.

I also have been keeping up with my strength training. Twice a week I take a class called Barbell Strength The class targets each major muscle group (squats, chest, back, triceps, lunges, biceps shoulders core and then we do a cooldown. I love this class because it works the whole body. I find taken this class has improved my running skill. 

More race recaps to come…           

Life during Passover