Building up the mileage… Dopey Challenge 5k, 10k ,13.1, 26.2 January 2022

58 days left until Marathon Weekend

MONDAY… Rest Day

TUESDAY… 8 miles….  This run went well.

WEDNESDAY…  20 miles. Yes!    It was a good 20 miles!  This run was done both outdoors and inside on a treadmill. I finished just over 5 hours.

The first 9 miles, I ran around my neighborhood enjoying the fall crisp air.

 For the rest of the run, I decided to run indoors on the treadmill, while binge watching the Gutfeld Comedy Show.  Laughing, during the show seemed to make my long run zoom by.

 It looks like my body is happy with the balance of running, rest and cross-training.  The Jeff Galloway Training Program is working for me.  I am not dreading the long runs, but rather enjoying alone time. The walk breaks are making these long runs very manageable.  I feel like I am not dying,  or overly huffing or puffing. My training plan can be found at search Dopey Training. 


FRIDAY… Barbell Class

SATURDAY  1 mile walk

SUNDAY 3 miles Blah…  just tired…Probably from allergies, weather, so on…

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