Happy New Year ,16 mile long run, Galloway Coaching going very well.

IMG_1480 (1)

Happy New Year ! 2019 . My family .

Long Run 16 miles …… It was an awesome run.  Building up my endurance .

Nutrition  good

Energy Level  good

Lungs and legs good

I’m thrilled .  Also Galloway coaching going very well. 🙂


Jeff Galloway E Coaching has helped me a lot!!!!!!! Asthma challenges

Best Running Decision I made- Signing up for the Jeff Galloway E Coaching Program. This program is basically a   weekly pen pal exchange with this well-known Olympian, author of many running books and a running coach who customizes workouts according to individual goals.

My goal is to run a better Boston Marathon.

Starting in August, Jeff made a plan for me, on how much to run, when, and the type of work out to do, such as hills, speed training, cadence practice and long runs.

It is great having a coach help me design a plan that works for me. Each week, there is a conference with my coach discussing how my workout went.


This coach has helped me gain more confidence running with allergic asthma.

Before this point, I would just get frustrated. I felt my asthma was holding me back.  I would work my ass off and get limited results. Within this year, I have learned that I can overcome this obstacle, by changing my thinking. I am running for myself and that is what counts.  So, If I can only run a 15-minute mile   pace……so what!

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