11 miles

Today I ran 11 miles.   I am preparing my body to run the Vermont Maple Leaf Half Marathon (13.1). My daughter Carrie and I are doing this race together. 

The run was stinking humid….I could not escape it! I ran 7 outside and then 4 indoors on the treadmill.  High Humidity outside……High Humidity in my home gym. 

Overall, I did have a good run, and I kept my pace around 15-16  minute miles like Coach Galloway say I should do.

I am nervous about the race, which is probably a good thing because the body is mentally preparing itself to go 13.1 miles.  Plus, its Vermont …..Hills!

Also, summer is the hardest season to train in because of the heat. Long runs in the summer are not fun.  My running pace is always worse in the summer.

 In reality, the half marathon I am doing with my oldest daughter is geared to the needs of older/ slower runners like myself- with longer cutoff finish times. I have 3.5 hours to finish the race, which works well for me.

I also had a fun weekend. I spent the time sitting by our pool, soaking up the sun and just enjoying the day. I love the long summer days when the sun doesn’t set until late in the evening. 


Today, I participated in a 5k run for Migraines. The event was held at the Mystic River Reservation in Medford.  I am probably nuts exercising in the heat, but it was well worth it! 

All funds raised benefited the Harvard Brigham Faulkner Hospital to support local migraines research. In total the migraine community raised 10, 000 dollars as of today.

It so happens that I have migraines. They can be challenging. I am taking prescription medicines to prevent the onset of bad headaches. Medicine helps, but it’s not perfect. Breakthrough headaches can still happen. 
The event had a festive feel to it, because everyone was dressed in shades of purple the color of migraine awareness and were cheering words of encouragement throughout the 5k.

Even though it was extremely hot on the course, and I walked a lot, I love participating in this event, that is near and dear to my head and heart. 

Training for a September Half Marathon …Maple Leaf Vermont Half ….

Monday…Barbell Strength Class… Love this class…. My instructor is very good. She is always making sure I have good form during class.

Tuesday …I ran 10 miles. I did this run on a treadmill, because the weather outside was just too hot and humid for me. I started the long run slow and easy; my goal was to cover the distance. Naturally, I held back with the speed since it was a long run.  In the past I usually slowed down after mile 8 …. but not today!  All 10 miles were at a consistent pace. I finished 10 miles feeling good and strong. Just a bit tired.

Friday ..Barbell Strength Class + (3 miles treadmill) .

Sunday 3 miles

 I also had a nice weekend. It was my spouse’s 58th birthday.


To start off the holiday weekend, my oldest daughter and I ran the Amesbury Day 5k. This was our first time running this race. 

It was a lovely summer run with a morning drizzle.   A few hours before the run, there were thunderstorms that moved through the area, which helped cool down the air and clear out all the nasty pollens floating around. 

We both performed well. 

After the race, runners were treated to beer.  

I am absolutely running this race next year.



  Today my daughter and I participated in The Boston Athletic Association 10k race. This is my fourth time running this race. I like to go back year after year because the race is local, lots of fun and well organized. 

The race began at 8.00 am at the Boston Common.  It is an out and back course through Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and extends to Boston University.  Most of the course is flat, with a good portion of the race on Commonwealth Avenue. 

Mother Nature was not cooperating today, it was very hot with high humidity. Prior to this race, emails were sent out from the B.A.A. warning runners about the heat.

I had no specific goals for this race. My plan was to do Galloway run/walk intervals but add more frequent walk breaks to finish in an upright position without heat exhaustion.  I remember from previous races Galloway Quoting “In extreme heat walking tends not to cause a dangerous body temperature increase, yet it still delivers the same level of endurance based on your distance”.

Miles 1-4 went well for me.  I found a good run/walk pace and stuck with it.  

Mile 5-6 …The body said …. No more running ……. You’re walking.

Finish … I ran the last 100 yards and then I was done!  

Overall, I had a nice safe 10k and enough energy to be able to smile and pose at the professional photographers along the course.

After the race, I chugged down some Gatorade, water and Coca Cola.  I like Coca Cola because I am prone to runner migraines and soda helps prevent them. 

Run/Walk Well 5k

On Saturday, I participated Run/Walk Well 5k held at Lynnfield High School. The Calvary Christian Church ran this event.  The purpose of this race was to raise funds to build wells that will provide drinkable water for schools and thousands of adults and children in the surrounding villages throughout Africa.  

It was a small race approximately 50 people. The course was hilly and very pretty. We ran through the wealthiest parts of Lynnfield.  There were many beautiful mansions along the course. 

it was a well-organized race.  The volunteers and congregants from the church were very friendly and welcoming. 

Physically, it was not my best run, the pollen in the air was too much for my respiratory system, so I did a lot of walking. 

Half Marathon Training week 5 

Monday Barbell Strength

Wednesday 5-mile run  

Friday 3 miles and Barbell Strength

Saturday 5k


Last week was a good training week.  I am fully recovered from the covid, and my energy level is back to normal. The plan I am following is the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon program.  Basically, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I run between 30 – 45 minutes and then on Saturdays I do a long run.

 Last week my long run was 5 miles. Overall, my legs and body are holding up quite nicely.  My strength training is also going well. 

To end the week, my spouse and I went to see Country Music Singer Tim McGraw at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield.  I had a great time. I love summer Country concerts. 

Run to Remember ….Having Covid…Half Marathon Training

Memorial Day. This weekend we honor our national heroes and express gratitude.  We all need to slow down and give thanks for what we have. 

Today, I participated in the Boston Run to Remember with my daughter Carrie. This race consisted of a half marathon or a 5 miler, that pays tribute to fallen responders. We both ran 5 miles. The race began and ended at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.  

Prior to this race, I spent the last 12 days recovering from Covid.  I am very fortunate that my symptoms were just an annoying crummy cold, a slight backache that felt like I’ve done too many deadlifts at the gym and general body fatigue. During that time, I forced myself to be patient with my body’s healing process.  I did not jump back into exercise.  I let my body’s white blood cells do their job ….  To sum it up …I sat on the couch and did nothing. 


Early this morning, Carrie and I took the blue line to the aquarium T stop and then we walked a mile to the start line. The race started bright and early 7:00am. It was a bit hot, but manageable. 

   The national anthem was played, then a few honoree words were spoken and then we were off. 

The race took us towards Faneuil Hall, around the Financial District, and then we headed back to the Seaport District to the finish line. Of course, Carrie was so much faster than me. She left her mom in the dust!

 It was a very patriotic race.  I enjoyed participating in this race with my 27-year-old daughter.  It was also very nice to see all the police, fire and responders all onsite. 

Overall, this was an awesome race, well organized, and a nice course through Boston.

The medals were also quite nice.

More running stuff…Sunday May 8th was the start of Half Marathon Training. I will be running the Vermont Maple Leaf Half Marathon this fall with my daughter Carrie who is 25 years younger than me! I feel a mixture of many emotions ranging from scared to excited. 

  My goal …. I am going to train hard and try to run the fastest Half Marathon, I am capable of. Increase lung capacity over time 

 Completion Time Goal 3:00 hrs-3:15 hour

Training WEEK  1 for Maple Leaf Half ……. May 8th– 14th

Sunday …. Mother’s Day 9 miles…

Monday Barbell Strength + 30-minute run 

Wednesday 30-minute run 

Friday Barbell strength class

WEEK 2 …. May 15th……May 21st  

Sunday   55-minute run 

Monday …Barbell class

Tuesday 45-minute run ……this was a hard run.  ……. now I know why.   I came down with covid.  

WEEK 3 rest covid recovery

Running blog Mother’s Day 9 miler.  Not the typical Mother’s Day…

Today, I spent Mother’s Day running a 9-miler with other runners on behalf of the Cancer Connection.  The event was held in Deerfield Massachusetts. Cancer Connection offers a haven where people living with cancer, their families, and their caregivers can learn how to cope with their changed lives and bodies and emotional turmoil by sharing strategies, resources, hope, and strength.

 Not the typical “Mother’s Day” celebration. Today was “Me Time”. My personal self-care day.  Just me and other runners on the road; all running for a good cause.  Why “Me Time” on Mother’s Day? Is that odd, you ask?

I am not the biggest fan of Mother’s Day because of the clichés and expectations.

 Growing up, I am taught that “the giving of love and kindness,” is an essential social value in our everyday lives.   In Jewish law, it is a Mitzvah that an individual acts with kindness without anticipating receiving something in return. Gratitude for a parent, spouse, others etc. should be shown frequently during the year.  Sometimes, a simple thank you is the best words one can hear. 

So,  on this Sunday, affection  and gratitude is better than any Mother’s Day gift. I don’t need that one obligation scheduled day of the year to know how much my family loves me.  We can see each other any given day. No overpriced Hallmark cards, flowers, brunches, gifts will replace the love I receive every day of my life.   

I may sound like a Mother’s Day Grinch, but in my opinion every day is Mother’s Day. In closing, the best gift to myself, on this day is to run.  My passion. My selfcare day. Let’s celebrate Moms every day.  

****Today many dollars were raised for Cancer Connection 

Something I realized as I was about to post this, was the fact each member of our family did their own Mother’s Day workout independent from each other.  
My oldest daughter ran a race in Plymouth Massachusetts. 

My youngest daughter did yoga today.

And spouse did Cardio Boxing. 

That’s how we all spend Mother’s Day I guess, haha…We are odd bunch. I would not change it for anything.

  Late afternoon I had Chinese Food with my spouse, youngest daughter, granddaughter and  I also played fetch with my pack of 4 dogs all Labrador Retrievers.