Run Disney – Virtual Running Shorts 5k …It’s that time of year. Yes, It’s allergy season.

IMG_1873 IMG_1888

With the encouragement from other runners, I had decided to sign up for a race series known as, Run Disney- Virtual Running shorts 5k, to help keep me motivated.   This is a series of 3 difference races occurring throughout the months of summer. Each race is a 5k.

As part of a virtual race, I can run on my own time, in the location of my choice, and still receive a Disney medal once I complete the task . The  Disney Incredibles is the theme for the whole race.

I have been struggling with my running lately due to all the pollen in the air.   I have been coughing constantly and running just sounds miserable.  As of now, I am running solely on a treadmill to avoid nature.

I also want to build up a stronger running base and the Disney Series would help me do so.

In November, I will be running the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend two course challenge.

10k Saturday

13.1 Sunday……….

During the month of May, my asthma has been horrible due to a common cold and the start of spring.   The pollen this year, has exasperated my asthma and allergies. I am a very active person and it was so … so …so …so frustrating not to be able to run.  When I tried to run, I felt like I was a 105-year-old lady.  On Mother’s Day, I was at the doctor’s getting a nebulizer treatment.     All I want is to be able to run faster and stronger.



My daughter  Izzy also has been home from college and has been encouraging me to strength train with a home Body Pump Video. Having, my daughter encouraging me to join her will be very beneficial to my overall fitness health.

Body Pump (Air Conditioner Room)

IMG_1837 (1)


Besides running, I have been enjoying our  pool and my dogs.

I also went to a country concert with my spouse last week.  We are country music fans !


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